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Marines to Alcohol Test

The U.S. Marine Corps will now be conducting regular, random breath alcohol tests.  Marines will be required to submit to a breathalyzer test and those who register a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .01 or greater will receive counseling.

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Hurricane Sandy Response in Breezy Point, Queens

And Our Flag Was Still There

Here are some photos of the destruction in Breezy Point, Queens, NYC from my time on State Active Duty with the New York Guard.

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Hurricane Sandy Response from Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn

2012-11-27 08.52.24

Hurricane Sandy has affected us all, as I’ve noted in this previous post that shows some of the damage on Long Island.  Recently, I was called to State Active Duty in the New York Guard to assist in the response to the storm.

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Dropbox Users Hijacked

Dropbox recently found that several of its customer accounts were hijacked by third parties and conducted a full investigation.  According to TechCrunch: For some background: On July 17th, a number of Dropbox users begun noticing an increase in the level

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Why Dog Tags Have the Notch

Ever wonder why military dog tags from the era of WWII to Vietnam have the notch?  Well, wonder no more! (h/t This Ain’t Hell)  

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