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Disruptive Technology: Square

Square allows small businesses and individuals to collect credit card payments.  It works by using a small hardware dongle that connects to the headphone jack of a mobile device.  The card is then swiped through the device and payments can

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Password Security

Recently, there has been a fair amount of discussion on password security.  The question of what makes a good password, etc.  (See, this post, and this discussion thereof), But it’s largely missing the point of the biggest problem in password

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Tashi at the Dog Park

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Facebook Virus Alert

It appears that my report of recent Facebook viruses is only part of an increasing trend. The new Facebook viruses use Facebook applications to spread themselves, and spread using a victim’s friend list.  In addition to the photo tagging pretense

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Bi-Coastal iPhone Thieves

There is a rash of iPhone thieves on the streets (and subways) of New York City and Los Angeles.  In the WSJ NYC blog, Metropolis, there is this report on a 17.8% increase in subway larcenies due largely to iPhone

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